Morning Skin Care Routine – Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer

morning skin care routine

If you feel your skin needs some additional cleansing, hydration, and application of a sunscreen, do it in the morning. Here are some tips that will help you do that.

Cleansing your face is important. This is part of your morning skin care routine every day. If you skip cleansing it, you may be damaging your skin health. Each day during the summer months, there is a very high increase in the number of pollutants that we breathe into our air. The pollutants make their way through the pores of your skin and enter into your bloodstream.

Dryness And Flakiness

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Some of these pollutants are dryness and flakiness. Your body tries to eliminate the moisture with extra production of oils. Some of the pollutants are also oxidizers that cause oxidation of your cell membranes. When your exfoliating product does not contain enough antioxidant protection, it can cause premature aging or damage to your skin’s cells and collagen fibers.

One way to avoid the damage caused by the pollutants in your atmosphere is to exfoliate twice a week. Your cleanser and moisturizer should contain a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day. This way, you avoid the damage from the sun. In the morning, when your pores are open and easily opened up by oil production, you should use a cleanser with a high concentration of microdermabrasion and exfoliation ingredients. After cleansing and before going to bed, use a nighttime moisturizer with a high SPF level. These things will help you avoid the ravages of the environment and your personal hygiene routine.

Exfoliate Weekly

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If you exfoliate weekly, you should still cleanse and moisturize at least twice a week. The best cleansers for your face, neck and body are those that contain glycolic or lactic acid. This type of acid is a humectant, which helps to pull dirt and grime out of pores and remove excess oil. It is the step in your morning skin care routine that most people skip.

The next step in your routine should be a nighttime moisturizer. This can be the same as your day cream or the same as your exfoliator. In fact, some people prefer to apply both cleansers and nighttime creams during the same routine. The advantage of using a night cream is that it can work overnight and make a huge difference in your health and complexion.

A Hydrating Mask

The third step in your routine should be another toner. You can choose from either a mild or a deep toner. A mild toner works to get rid of any surface oils and gets the pores and deeper layers of skin tighter.

The last step in your skin care routine is to use a hydrating mask. The aim of the mask is to remove any excess oil and remove dead skin cells so that the pores are clear and your face is left looking smooth and fresh.


Your morning and nighttime regimen should include cleansing, toning, evening moisturizer and a daytime mask. Make sure that whatever you choose is formulated for your individual type of skin. If you have dry areas, use a night cream with an oil-free moisturizer. If you have oily areas, use a cleanser with a water-based, oil-free moisturizer. Follow up with a deep toner to lock in your treatment and your routine should look as beautiful as it did the first day.

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