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Flutter is one of the latest celebrity makeup products. It was created by makeup artist and celebrity herself, Kimmie Minnink. She wanted to create a new makeup that incorporated natural minerals, plant extracts, and proteins that would provide a high end look and feel while still having the ability to be removed easily. After developing the eye brightener and lip glides, the brand name was changed to Flutter Cosmetics.

What Is So Special About Flutter Cosmetics?

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There are a lot of makeup brands that claim to be “cruelty free” but not all of them actually live up to that standard. For instance, many claim to only use organic blends but in reality they use various types of animal-derived ingredients. Not only that, but many of these brands are also high-quality and cost more than many other brands on the market. So, are the claims of the brand false or is there any truth to it?

The answer is in the quality of the ingredients in the makeup itself. Flush Cosmetics offers both vegan and all natural skincare products. They also do not utilize any form of animal testing.

Know The Main Ingredients

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Some of the ingredients in the line include: bamboo sap, green tea, maracuja, mangosteen, grape seed extract, aloe vera, Shea butter, and babassu. These ingredients are completely safe for use as both a lip product and a body cream. In addition, many of these ingredients have been proven to be beneficial for the skin. Many studies have been conducted using products formulated with some of these products and found to have positive results. In essence, the plant-based ingredients in the healthy skincare products of Thrive Cosmetics cause the user to feel beautiful while making the user feel healthier.

The all natural formula does not contain any dyes or perfumes, which gives it a more “organic” feeling. It is also formulated without any formaldehyde, triclosan, or petroleum-based fragrances. The plant derivatives that are found in fragrances can cause allergic reactions in people sensitive to them. Lest anyone forget, the fragrance is not the only thing that cosmetics manufacturers use to give their products a scent. They also drench the jar in sunscreen, talc, and formaldehyde.

Plants based Products Can Make You Feel Beautiful

Healthy skincare products derived from plants are an excellent way to feel beautiful. It is not necessary to purchase the most expensive brand; one that makes you feel like you are going on a diet to look your best. Healthy plant based products formulated by thrive Cosmetics can help your body look better and help you feel beautiful. It is more cost effective than ever before to try and live a healthier life.


The line was created by makeup artist, Aliulfo Aire-Bloch, who has also created the high-quality eyeliner, mascara, and foundation for this line. He also did the clinical testing for the product, as a private contractor. That is why this eye serum was created by using his own individual results and feedback. This makeup is a must-have for women who want to make the biggest impact on their eyes. It is also a great way to justify the high-priced price tag that most brands want to charge for a quality eyeliner, mascara, or foundation.

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