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Everything About Korean Skin Care Routine

Everything About Korean Skin Care Routine

Skincare’s journey is full of questions, especially for those who are new to a Korean skincare routine. The 10-step method is not only time-consuming but also needs the right products for every skin type. So, everyone has some questions on the Korean skincare routine. The most obvious one is, is it necessary to follow all the steps? Others may have a query about how much should be the gap between each step? Read our post and get all the answers.

Everything About Korean Skin Care Routine
Everything About Korean Skin Care Routine

Ten Steps Of Korean Skin Care

Oil cleanser, cream cleanser, toner, essence, emulsion, serum, sheet mask, eye cream, moisturizer, and sunscreen are the steps.

Do I need to complete ten steps?

No, it is right if you skip some steps of the routine. For example- it is okay to exfoliate your facial skin two to three times weekly. Moreover, using sheet masks once a week is also sufficient. Likewise, it is not mandatory to apply sunscreen at night. The Korean skincare routine is a guideline, so don’t strictly do all the steps.

Common Questions On Korean Skin Care Routine

Is Double Cleansing Is Good?

The two different cleansers i.e., water-based and oil, work differently. Oil cleansers remove the excess oil, makeup, pollutants, and SPF from your skin. On the other hand, water cleansers cannot remove the fat as both of the two don’t mix. It merely removes sweat and dirt from the skin to make it look bright.

However, you need to use both of the products as both sweat and oil build up during the night. So, double cleansing is proper and of course, a necessity.

Everything About Korean Skin Care Routine
Everything About Korean Skin Care Routine

What should be the gap between Korean Skin Care steps?

No need to take gaps between the steps as damp skin works like a sponge and absorb the other products. However, there is an exception like sunscreen. Apply it when your skin is dry and let the skin absorbs it. You can then move to makeup products.

Take a gap of 30 minutes before you apply acne treatment products. Usually, the difference depends on your skin type and the product you choose.

Retinol Use In The Routine?

Apply retinol at night before you use a moisturizer that is after the essence. Moreover, retinol can cause skin irritation, so use it alternatively. For example, if you are using an exfoliator, then don’t use retinol and vice versa.

Am I Clogging The Pores With Korean Skin Care Products?

Using ten products on the skin seems like you are stuffing the pores with them. However, it is not right because each product and step has a role. Cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and exfoliators open up the pores.

Bottom Line On Korean Skin Care

Every skin is different, so not a single skincare routine is perfect for all types. Therefore, the best way is trial and error to find out the right product and method. Moreover, pay attention to the reaction and results you get from each step to get better results. Also, talk to your dermatologist before you follow this routine.

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