Bio-Oil 200ml- Multiuse Skincare Oil Cleanser - Bio-Oil 200ml- Multiuse Skincare Oil Cleanser -

Bio-Oil 200ml- Multiuse Skincare Oil Cleanser

bio-oil 200ml: multiuse skincare oil

Bio-Oil 200 ml is a unique and effective all natural skincare product for the treatment of very sensitive skin. Unlike most creams and lotions on the market, Bio-Oil contains no added fragrances, colouring or preservatives. The unique antibacterial properties of this oil make it effective in fighting a range of common illnesses and for healing stretch marks and other marks that develop over time. These marks are usually uneven in appearance and result from overuse of the skin. This is a problem with those who do not get sufficient sleep or who work shifts and spend the night at home.

Deals with Various Problems

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Many people suffer from premature wrinkles and fine lines due to their busy lifestyle. Overexposure to the sun is also one of the leading causes of the development of these unsightly skin lines and wrinkles. With continued exposure to the damaging rays of the sun, our bodies cannot maintain its collagen levels and elasticity and the marks develop. There is no magic bullet for aging skin but using products that contain high levels of active ingredients can offer a real benefit to the skin. Bio-Oil provides a rich source of essential fatty acids and several antioxidant agents which act as an anti-aging agent and help to prevent the development of stretch marks and wrinkles.

A natural emollient that acts as a deep penetrating moisturizer, the oil easily absorbed into the skin providing an effective and safe means of hydrating dry or chapped skin. Being able to easily penetrate the epidermis, the oil also helps to seal in moisture giving you a deeply hydrating, smooth finish. The use of bio-oil 200ml: multiple skincare oil will leave your face looking softer, smoother and younger looking. This product can be used daily, once or twice daily for maximum results.


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As a natural anti-stretch mark agent, the oil slows down the rate of collagen breakdown. The use of this product has helped many individuals eliminate stretch marks. Sensitive skin types are also prone to stretch marks and using this product can help to reduce the appearance of these pesky lines and wrinkles. Sensitive skin types may not respond well to other topical treatments and the oil contains natural antioxidants to gently lighten the darker patches and provide a smooth finishing touch to those with more sensitive skin.

An effective natural cure for dry skin, Biotin also known as Vitamin B3 helps to produce healthy skin cells and regenerate collagen. As the skin ages, a decline in Biotin production occurs and the skin becomes less elastic. The oil is very useful when massaged into the hands and absorbed by the skin to replenish lost oils. When massaged into the body, the oil will help to soften the dermis and provide a smooth finish to those with oily skin.

Personal option

The Bio-Oil line offers many products that promote overall wellness, including anti-aging skincare and skin barrier maintenance. When purchasing Bio-Oil, choose the appropriate dropper or use the entire bottle as a massage oil to apply to the body daily. This oil has been proven to effectively nourish and moisturize the skin. The natural vitamins and essential fatty acids found in the oil help maintain skin health and balance, which are important for healthy aging skin.


If you have dry skin, then you may want to consider the Bio-Oil 200ml: multi-use skincare oil cleanser. This is an effective facial cleanser for individuals with oily or acne prone skin. Due to the natural elements of the oil, it does not strip away moisture. It will leave your face feeling soft and clean while the natural vitamins found in the oil to stimulate circulation and remove dead skin cells. Using this anti-aging skincare oil cleanser twice daily will assist you in maintaining an overall youthful appearance.

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